Beacon's Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1994.


Our Mission

The Beacon Chamber of Commerce is committed to the growth and success of our business community.

Tourism is the one industry that impacts our members the most. We welcome our visitors by operating the “Welcome Center” at the corner of Main Street and Wolcott Avenue.  Staffed entirely by volunteers, we answer questions from visitors from all over the world and refer them to our Beacon businesses on a regular basis. We engaged with other organizations and the city government, all working together to make Beacon a friendly and exciting destination, not only for visitors but for our residents.

You can join the Beacon Chamber of Commerce at anytime, and view our benefits here.

Fun Fact: The picture on this page is the back patio of Beacon Pantry.

“Beacon is alive with so many businesses, and is a business-friendly town. My business improved since I moved here, and I appreciate the support from Beacon’s community so much.”
— Katie Hellmuth Martin, A Little Beacon Blog

What We've Achieved

  • Coordinated the design and build of the Visitor's Center at the beginning of Main Street. In 2015, almost 4,000 people walked into the Visitor's Center for more information, and the number continues to grow.
  • The Beacon Chamber of Commerce has been running the annual Auto Show with Duchess Cruisers since 2012. Each year more cars have registered in the show, and is one of the region's largest.