Being a Board Member of the Chamber of Commerce

Board positions on any organization require work, dedication and cooperation. They change each year as terms expire and new people volunteer their services and expertise. Beacon's Chamber of Commerce is is volunteer-based, meaning each Board Member donates their time to get things done.

Responsibilities of a Board Member

From our experience thus far, these are the responsibilities of a Board Member. We do have committees where different board members serve to focus on different projects. Administrative tasks are divided among the board members. 

  • Member of Chamber
    A member or working for a firm that is a member of the Chamber.
  • Leader
    Is willing to serve in a leadership capacity by providing outreach to members, participation in events and Chamber projects.
  • Attendance
    Is committed to attending and participating in monthly Chamber board meetings. These board meetings occur on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, and are for the board only. This is not a public member meeting.
  • Advocate
    Is willing to be an advocate of the Chamber and the Beacon business community

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please Contact Us.